House Robots & Special Guests

Find out all about the king of the arena Major Damage, and our other show Special Guests.

Major Damage

In 2007 the latest, most deadly House Robot was created - namely Major Damage. 960kg of pure brute force. A 40kg Co2 powered hammer of doom is fitted to smash the robots into the floor!!!

However the main weapon is the crushing jaw which can crush and throw robots. In 2013 the latest upgrade took it to a new level, a flame thrower fitted into its jaw will burn robots into oblivion!

Weight: 960kg
Size: L 1.4m x W 1.2m x H 1.3m
Drive: 2 x Etek DC motors
Battery Power: 6 x 12v Hawker batteries
Speed Control: 2 x 4QD 400 with interface control
Weapons: Hydraulic lifting, crushing and flame thrower jaw, 40kg hammer
Strength: Weight and size
Weakness: None


On loan from Team Gabriel, Pilgrim is set to wow everybody with its complex walking mechanism. One of the biggest walking robots in the UK, it's not really a fighting robot but more of an " advertising robot ". You have seen people dressed up as pizza boxes on the side of the road, well at Extreme Robots we do things slightly different and use our array of robots to do the work for us. It's definitely the future.

Weight: 250kg
Size: L 1.4m x W 1.0m x H 1.0m
Drive: 2 x Powerful DC motors powering the 8 legs.
Battery Power: 2 x 12v lead acid batteries
Speed Control: 1 x Custom built controller
Weapons: A display poster board that dazzles its opponents with the information
Strength: Its Size and Weight
Weakness: Stability at high speed.


In 2015 the latest, most entertaining special guest was created - namely Oll-E. 200kg of pure Entertainment. Although he is taking a rest from our shows at the moment.,

Weight: 200kg
Size: L 1.2m x W 1.2m x H 1.0m
Drive: 2 x Bosch DC motors
Battery Power: 3 x 12v Hawker batteries
Speed Control: RoboteQ Ax2550 Controller
Weapons: Big eyes, Paintball guns, Co2 Cannon and a Squeaky voice
Strength: Charm and Wit
Weakness: Bad jokes

Iron Tron

In 2016 another special guest invaded the show, where it came from we don't know, but its here to stay. Keep a safe distance away or you may feel the heat from its lasers, or the cold from its Freeze gun plus other weapons.

Weight: Classified
Height: 8 feet
Power: Lithium-Ion Reactors
Weapons: Blinding Strobes, Lasers, Smoke, Freeze Gun, Air-burning Fireball Comets and Awe
Strength: Fibreglass reinforced PVC shell
Weakness: None

Cyber Rapter

New for 2018 is Cyber Rapter, our fire breathing Feather Weight House Robot.

Weight:  200kg
Size:  L 1.2m x W 1.2m x H 0.7m
Drive:  4 x high power DC motors powering a custom track system
Battery Power: 4 x 28v Lipo batteries
Speed Control:  2 x RoboteQ Controller
Weapons:  Feather melting flame thrower
Strength:  Fast and very powerful
Weakness:  NONE